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Assemco Services: Welding, Engineering, and Fabrication

Welding, engineering, and fabrication are in high-demand in Melbourne, Australia by companies making industrial products, structures, and equipment.

Reduce your outsourcing welding and engineering costs

Welding, engineering, and fabrication require highly technical and intricate processes that are not usually possible to conduct in-house. You can outsource your welding, engineering, and fabrication to Assemco, increasing your profitabability and enabling you to cater to any surge in demand.

That’s not all. You can benefit from specialized new technology, gain competitiveness, and enhance your capabilities.

If you're looking for a specialized and exceptional welding, engineering, and fabrication outsourcing solution, Assemco, the ultimate outsource solution to your company, can help you in this regard.

We offer:

Soft Trim for Transport and Boating

Assemco's soft trim service ensures that your transport remains balanced front to back and is super-easy to maneuver.

Contract High Volume Fabric, Vinyl and Leather Cutting

As your business grows and large orders come in, the need for automation and efficiency grows.

Assemco, with its latest cutting machines allows for incredible accuracy, personalization, and repeatability.

Avail high-quality customized Fabric, Vinyl, and Leather Cutting services.

Seats – Including Marine

Seeking manufacturing of premium, stylish, comfortable, and lightweight seats? Let us help.

We offer an extensive range of seats, including marine to meet all your requirements.

Powder Coating

Ideal for the industrial manufacturing sector, powder coating provides extreme durability. It is environmentally friendly, easy to apply, and available in many colors and finishes.

Sheet Metal Engineering

Want to use sheet metal to build machines and structures? Look no further than sheet metal engineering services. It is economical and efficient!

Stainless Sheet Metal Fabrication

Assemco’s value-added stainless sheet metal fabrication service can help you create metal structures of your choice using stainless steel

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Meet all your business needs by availing the sheet metal fabrication services. Quality guaranteed!

Structural Steel Fabrication

Opt for the best structural steel fabrication services for your real estate, commercial, and industrial needs.

From cutting, bending, shaping to assembling in order to craft different products, we do it all.

Aluminium Fabrication

Build metal frames or structures, by bending, cutting, and assembling processes, using Assemco’s holistic aluminium fabrication service. Make the most of the flexibility and strength that aluminium offers.

Steel Fabrication

Benefit from the highly cost-effective and specialized steel fabrication solutions for commercial, residential, industrial, and retail sectors.

Steel Engineering

Avail world-class steel engineering services to innovate faster and boost your competitiveness.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Bring your vision to life, using high-quality custom metal fabrication solutions.

Metal Stamping

As markets evolve, the need for large quantity of complex parts has escalated, across all industries.

This is where Assemco’s metal stamping services come in handy.

Frames for building's houses and extensions

Assemco can build and fabricate a range of different steel products for the building industry.

Assemco At Your Service

Assemco goes the extra mile to ensure that all your needs are met. With our highly experienced, professional, and qualified personnel in addition to the latest technology and processes, you can rest assured that we will get the job done.

We are always looking to enhance efficiency and do things better. Plus, we are ever-expanding, which means we are more than willing and prepared to take on new challenges. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can avail of premium quality welding, engineering, and fabrication services.

Contact us today!

Assemco welding, engineering and fabrication Melbourne

Assemco specializes in all types welding, engineering and fabrication. We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people that we can take in on short notice.

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. So, before any project starts we do a very in-depth research of your company, product, services and of course, the competition. Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with a business strategy and a project description that leaves no room for errors or mistakes. When your project is done, you know exactly what to expect and how to compete online.

"For welding, engineering and fabrication in Melbourne, Assemco are the best"


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