The discovery of tea pouches was quite an accident.

In the 1900s, Thomas Sullivan, a tea exporter, sent out tea samples to potential customers. Hand-tied, attractive silk pouches were used to perform this packaging for products.

Today, numerous people across the globe use tea packaging supplies such as tea bags or pouches, to prepare their morning cup of tea.

More and more organizations are turning to tea pouches, to sell their gourmet or specialized tea.

Gone are the times when companies would just use lower grade materials to prepare these pouches, focusing more on saving cost rather instead of quality.


Along with the obvious – shape and style – there are plenty of other considerations before and while designing a tea pouch.

You should focus on the material of the package supplies, as well as on the entire production process. It is important to understand the customers’ needs while designing packaging products of any kind.

Style and shape

You will have to decide whether you want to design your packaging supplies with a double or a single chamber bag.

As for the shape, there are, again, several options. You could go with a paper cushion that is square, round, or rectangular. The more recent but highly popular pyramid shape could also be considered.


After deciding on the shape and style, you need to determine the material you will use to design your tea packaging products.

Some popular and effective materials include nylon, gauze, cotton muslin, cornstarch, or silk.

How to seal?

Once the packaging supply is ready, the next thing to decide is the method of sealing the pouches.

You could simply glue or staple them, or go with the more advanced method of sealing them through ultrasound rays.


Tea is packed in several different types of pouches, some of which are discussed below:

Stand-up foil pouches:

 This type of tea pouch is an excellent option for packaging tea with loose leaves. This is because of the aluminum foil, which provides more secure zip-lock sealing, making the storage of loose leaves possible.

This packaging product has a bottom gusset, which plays a crucial role in keeping the pouch straight and upright.

Moreover, these pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

All these factors have led to the soaring popularity of these stand-up pouches during the last few years.

Foil gusseted pouches:

Another popular option for packaging products such as tea and coffee.

These bags can be found in multiple types, such as center-seal, quad-seal, and side-seal bags. Side-seal pouches have right up to the corners, allowing an improved base.

Much like stand-up foil pouches, these gusseted pouches can also be found in numerous colors and sizes.

Paper pouches:

The most significant advantage of a paper pouch is its squared base, which lets them stand in a properly, when placed on shelves.

Other than that, they have a tremendous variety in terms of colors, and are quite inexpensive.

However, since there is an absence of an airtight seal, paper pouches do not have any mechanisms to prolong or the useful life of the product they carry.


The world of tea pouch packaging is an innovative and dynamic one. As a consumer, the biggest benefit is the ever-increasing convenience and variety that modern tea-pouch packaging presents.

This article mentioned some of the essential considerations that go into tea-pouch designing, and few of the most popularly used tea pouches, at present.


Assemco is the leading supplier of effective and efficient tea pouch packaging services in Australia. We can help you design and develop tea pouch packaging exactly as per your needs.

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