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Tea is an essential item for almost every household in Australia. But this also means the tea industry is a fairly competitive one.

How do you break-in, and take your stand then? How do you ensure your product shines apart in an array of tea products on the shelf?

One word: Packaging.

Quality packaging for products is a key factor in appealing to your customers and establishing your brand. When deciding upon a packaging in Australia consider the following about your packaging boxes:

  • Protection from Light and Oxygen
  • Shelf Life
  • Order Quantity
  • Size Variety
  • Customizable Packaging

Here are some of the top packaging suppliers, Melbourne, Brisbane and, Sydney have to offer:

  1. The Packaging People

Keeping their production process eco-friendly, The Packaging People offer box bottom bags, sachets, cylinders, and food-grade drums catering to various sizes and quantity. Their customized boxes are printed with custom and/or digital techniques, allowing them to focus on design details for their customers.

  1. Fine Pack

Fine Pack offers their services to large and small tea brands alike through their size flexibility. Their tea package supplies consist of easy-to-fill stand-up pouches, resealable paper tin-tie bags, and side gusset bags. With gravure printing, they are able to cater to bulk orders efficiently.

  1. Titan Packaging

Along with box bottom, side gusset, stand-up, sachet packing, Titan Packaging offers one-way degassing valves to maintain the freshness of food products. They also provide multiple printing options:

  • Rotogravure Press
  • Spot UV
  • De-metalized Processing.


  1. Emenac Packaging

Emenac Packaging boasts an in-house manufacturing plant enabling smoother box packaging and supply. Their range of packaging products includes custom bags, pouches, and dispenser gift boxes for wholesale. Through high-tech digital printing, they are able to personalize the branding of each product.

  1. Sunfesst

A prime tea brand itself, Sunfesst also provides private-label company packaging in Brisbane. Their special packaging products include double-chambered teabags with/without envelopes and staples, along with biodegradable nylon bags. They also manufacture package boxes and pouches for loose leaf tea packing.

  1. Vivo Packaging

A one-stop food packaging supplier for Melbourne, Vivo Packaging deals in all kinds of packing for products with flat bottom boxes and stand-up pouches. Also on their list are metal and paper cylinder boxes for packaging food, with a unique shaker lid option for tea powder.

  1. The Custom Boxes

The Custom Boxes center their services around tailor-making their products specific to each customer. Thus, they offer a variety of customization options:

  • Material: Kraft, E-flute Corrugated Cardboard, Bux Board
  • Gloss or Matte Coating
  • CMYK or PMS Printing
  1. The Bag Broker

Catering to customers’ requirements for both teabag and loose leaf packing, The Bag Broker offers several box designs options. With windowed and closed side gussets and standup pouches, tea brands can opt for Kraft or Matte finishing to pack their items.

  1. Ozpak

Through innovation and automated processes, Ozpak packing supplier aims to develop differentiating products for every brand. They are also capable of producing mega-size box packaging at the same time as small bags and tea sachets.

  1. Assemco

Assemcopromises to deliver complete food packaging services – from warehousing to personalized packing – to its customers. They keep their Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) down to none (yes, zero!) to accommodate new businesses. Also, incorporating the latest production technology, their customizable packaging supplies for tea companies include:

  • bottles,
  • bars,
  • and sachets.


Bearing all your packaging and company requirements in mind, select the tea packaging supplier that appeals to you best.

If your heart, like many in Australia, is set on Assemco, know that we offer impeccable customer service and minimum delivery time while meeting all your customizable packaging specifications. Visit our offices today and explore our endless variety of packaging products.

Together with Assemco, build the best tea brand in Australia!


Email the team at Assemco at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9761 4118.

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"Assemco provides high quality and cost-efficient food packaging services Melbourne."

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