When one thinks of a famous hot beverage, one name instantly pops up in mind: Tea.

Refreshing for the soul, a cup of hot tea certainly provides the needed warmth in the cold, Australian winters and well, it’s the go-to drink even in the summers for the countless tea enthusiasts out there.

However, as the average tea drinker in Melbourne visits the nearest supermarket for fulfillment of their tea needs – an array of tea brands greets them at the shelf.

Wondering what can set your tea apart from the other brands, and make the consumer reach for your product?

Your tea packaging!


The packaging of tea is the first thing a consumer notices, and definitely the one thing a tea brand needs to invest time, effort, and money in.

Living up to the expectations of its clients, Assemco understands the importance of providing its customers with good quality tea packaging that ensures that the tea remains fresh and aromatic until it is used.

The secret recipe for our success in the packaging industry lies in understanding the needs and demands of customers and fulfilling them by providing customized packaging according to their needs.

Providing flexibility to consumers the packaging style varies accordingly providing different packaging for use, storage, and sale.

Our company also provides packaging for tea manufacturers in bulk - making the journey towards quality tea packaging, less burdening on the budget.


Recognizing the diverse array of teas, Assemco has introduced a variety of packaging styles to suit each need.

These are some of the many tea packaging categories on offer:

  • Paper bag packaging
  • Special heat and moisture resistant tea packaging
  • Tea packaging bottles
  • Plastic/Glass jars
  • Custom tea bags and pouches

However, we at Assemco can create bespoke packaging fit for your brand image and style.


As a responsible packaging company, Assemco fully understands the importance of its constructive role in protecting the environment.

Therefore, Assemcointroduced the environment-friendly material to strengthen its aim of reducing plastic waste.

Asssemco provides a wide range of bio-degradable and recyclable tea packaging. Such a packaging style ensures that the tea leaves are well protected from heat, moisture, and contamination.


In order to fulfill branding demands, Assemco assists retailers and suppliers with their work - making their tree brand appear more appealing and user-friendly. Your packaging is the essential tool that can help you stand out in the crowd and hook potential customers in. Hence, in addition to being resilient it needs to be aesthetic as well.

Assemco aligns its packaging designs with your tea product ideology, to result in just the right packaging you desire. Therefore, each packaging design is truly customized with your help.

  • Choose the quantity of tea packaging needed.
  • Choose your preferred design, size, the color of product packaging.
  • Specify if any design or label needed on tea packaging.


As an Australian based company, we at Assemco recognize the growing popularity of tea among users, along with the growing tea brand competition in the market.

To set your brand apart from others, encourage sales and set a mightier brand image – Assemco offers its assistance with its experienced team of professionals.

Turn to Assemco for your tea packaging solutions.


Email the team at Assemco at info@assemco.biz. Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9761 4118.

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"Assemco provides high quality and cost-efficient food packaging services Melbourne."

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