In order to store premium, handcrafted tea, whether it is loose or in a tea bag, high quality packaging is essential.

After all, your fine, specially blended product deserves the maximum protection from all unfavourable elements of the environment that could negatively alter the quality of the tea and its taste, making it stale and bland, such as:

  1. Air, especially oxygen
  2. Moisture
  3. Sunlight
  4. Pests
  5. Fungus
  6. Odors
  7. Mold


The best thing about loose tea is the fact that avid tea lovers can control the strength of the tea they are making to their desire.

However, they are very delicate and need to be packed with the utmost caution such that their aroma never stales. This is why tightly sealed packages are essential, that can be resealed once opened as well.

Stand-Up Bags:

Having the ability to stand up straight on the shelves of retailers, or small local grocery stores, this style is the most common go-to for many producers. Whether you want it in foil, poly, clear or rice paper, all types of materials are available in this popular design.

It even includes an option of incorporating a zipper, so that the bag may be sealed air tightly once again after use!

Side-Gusseted Bags:

The most traditional style of the best packaging for tea, it is very convenient for retailers as they can display it both vertically, as well as horizontally, all depending on their choice. With the option of an E-Zip, or the adhesive-backed Tin Tie option, resealability is one of the main points of our gusseted bags.

One-way Degassing Valves are also incorporated in our air tight product packages for loose tea to make sure that any gasses within the package are released, without having any external gasses enter the packaging and oxidize the tea. This state-of-the-art technology prevents the tea from becoming stale and losing its aroma.

The valves placement is customized in such a way that it does not end up interfering with any labels that clients like to put on the packaging.


There are many shapes of tea bags:

  1. Two Dimensional Squares or Circles; and
  2. Three Dimensional Cubes or Pyramids.

The squares and circles are the most common types, being produced my majority of tea producers, especially those who manufacture ground black tea.

For those producers selling a vast variety of tea, including all the types of green teas as well, the three dimensional cubes and pyramids are essential. This is because they are more voluminous.

Dry tea is usually curled or rolled, and starts to unfold at the ends as hot water penetrates it when steeped. If the tea is unable to fully unfurl, then those covered parts would not be able to give up their flavor, making the tea weak and muddy.

With the function of acting as a tea infuser, the tea bags are made from either filter paper, and sometimes even silk cotton or silk by upscale businesses.

How these tea bags are packaged are a whole other aspect of tea manufacturing, though. It is imperative that the tea bags remain protected from outside elements that could rip it. For that, the most common type is box packaging.

Box Packaging:

Maneuvered into any shape and size, whether that’s a simple cube or cuboid like box, or an aesthetic one with a ‘petal top’, it has the ability to pack tea for long term storage and usage by being manufactured with the highest quality package material. Made of Kraft paper, and sometimes even cardboard, the boxed packages are shipped in flat form, with assembly being a piece of cake!

Much like coffee, tea has a vast market, with a large customer base. It is one of the best opportunities to explore, but only if you aim to use the correct packaging. Not only does the packaging reach out to the customer by catching their eye, but it also has to protect the product inside.

The first impression matters, but the last impression stays. Go all out, and market as well pack your tea exceptionally with Assemco and its customizable packaging!


Email the team at Assemco at info@assemco.biz. Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9761 4118.

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