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Product development, manufacturing & assembly in MELBOURNE

Product development, manufacturing, and assembly at Assemco Melbourne

The Australian economic landscape is changing incredibly quickly. However, your workers aren’t super-humans, they are not capable of handling all areas of your business as efficiently as a dedicated assembly, manufacturing, and outsourcing team can.

Most of the world’s most powerful and successful companies are outsourcing

Successful companies like Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes, and Kenworth Trucks in Melbourne view outsourcing as an opportunity to improve flexibility and reduce costs.

Areas such as product development, assembly, and manufacturing in Melbourne can be costly when you have an in house staff working on these areas who are unlikely to be as efficient as a dedicated outsourcing team.

Improve your product development, manufacturing and assembly cost margins

To upscale your business and improve your margins outsource your development, assembly, truck assembly and manufacturing needs to the expert team at Assemco.

In an unpredictable economic landscape, outsourcing to the team at Assemco is the obvious choice - we provide efficient and high-quality work at a cost that will definitely save you money (just talk to our clients to find out how much!).

But the question is how do you decide what to outsource? Here are 3 areas you can outsource to Assemco that will improve your bottom line immediately:

  1. Assembly: If you are in a business that sells or manufactures a product then you know that outsourcing product packaging and assembly will reduce your costs. If you depend on your staff to handle assembly, it might cost more and take more time, depending on your staff strength.
  2. Product development: if you want to produce a great product at a price that the market can afford, then talk to us about our product development options. We can design and manufacture your product from start to finish.Having numerous product development projects at hand with a small staff requires spreading expertise, reducing efficiency. This means more costs. Outsourcing gives you access to a dedicated and trained professional that can put in the required effort to achieve the best results.
  3. Manufacturing: The term “Less is more” explicitly explains the amazing benefit of outsourcing manufacturing in Melbourne. As a business owner in Melbourne, your desire is to make a profit despite economic challenges. It is difficult to meet manufacturing needs when there is a change in demand or production capacity.With outsourcing, companies can grow without bearing the burden of accumulating head cost. When you outsource manufacturing in Melbourne, you get a lower labour cost, increase efficiency, fuel your innovation and meet up with increasing demands.

What’s your next move?

As much as outsourcing is vital to your business, you also have to consider hiring the best. Whether its Assembly Melbourne, Product development Melbourne and Manufacturing Melbourne,


Our reputation speaks for itself; you can always count on Assemco to meet your most important outsourcing needs. A brand with a reputation as old as 1996 will always be there to help you upscale your business.

Reducing risk:

Outsourcing your product development, manufacturing and assembly to Assemco can reduce risks associated with product development including unexpected increases in the cost of projects.

More time to focus on what you do best:

Outsourcing your most time and labour-intensive tasks will give you the opportunity to focus on other areas of your business, such as getting your products seen by your potential clients and getting those jobs done that you’ve never seemed to have the time to do.

Some of those jobs might be things like refurbishing your office, training your staff to learn new tasks or improve on existing ones, or just getting a much needed holiday without worrying about whether or not your business is still going to be running smoothly when you get back.


A great product doesn’t sell itself. As Seth Godin says, marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.

Assemco’s in house marketing team can catapult your businesses online visibility, and create stories around your business that will inspire more people to buy your products more often.

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Product development, manufacturing & assembly in Melbourne

Assemco specializes in production & assembly Melbourne. We have been expert production & assembly in Melbourne for over 25 years from our assembly plant located at 2 Merrindale Drive, Croydon South.

We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people that we can take in on the short notice.

Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with a business strategy and a project description that leaves no room for errors or mistakes.

"Assemco provides high quality and cost-effective outsourced product development, manufacturing & assembly services in Melbourne."

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