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Assemco Powder Coating Services are located in Croydon South, Melbourne Victoria

If you have been searching for powder coating services in Melbourne or Australia, then Assemco should be your first call. We have decades of experience and are one of Melbourne’s most respected and affordable powder coating providers. Assemco offers a variety of powder coating services and solutions to businesses and clients throughout Melbourne and across Australia.

We do once-off small order quantity powder coating projects and very large projects

When it comes to powder coating, Assemco has the experience, qualifications, and team to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a one-off project or piece to be powder coated or an entire production line of components. Assemco has qualified and experienced personnel ready to help take care of your powder coating project.

If you need powder coating in Melbourne, Victoria, or throughout Australia, then Assemco should be your first call!

Powder coating takes a steady hand, attention to detail, and meticulous preparation to ensure that you’re getting a premium finished product. At Assemco, our qualified team of powder coating specialists follows each step in their procedures meticulously to ensure that the finished product looks fantastic.

What is powder coating, and why should you use it?

Powder coating is a powder form of paint with the solvent component removed. The powder coating is applied electrostatically and then cured with a heating process. It’s mostly used on metals like aluminium, steel, brass, copper, bronze, and titanium. Plastics, wood, MDF, glass and composites can be powder coated too!

More and more businesses are turning to powder coating because of its hardened finish once cured. Powder coating is:

  • A more robust, more durable, and longer-lasting finish compared to traditional paint options.
  • Particularly useful for any hard-wearing areas that are exposed to the elements and require additional protection.
  • A great way to change the colour of metal.
  • An attractive decorative finish and is perfect for household items, machinery, aluminium extrusions, vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Assemco’s powder coating services

We have decades of powder coating experience and our powder coating services include:

  • Multiple coats
  • Multiple colours and two tones on the same part
  • Vinyl masking for custom logos and designs
  • Fades

Different types of powder coatings we offer include:

  • Epoxies – very durable and offers arguably the best chemical and corrosion resistance. Easy to use and adheres to metal extremely well.
  • Polyesters – most commonly used and is great value for money.
  • Super durable polyesters – offers superior durability compared to polyester, and provides better resistance to humidity and corrosion. Holds colour and gloss very well. Great for outdoor use.
  • Epoxy-polyester hybrids – mostly used for indoor appliances. Can create an ultra-smooth finish.
  • Fluoropolymers – incredible weathering properties, colour and gloss retention. Typically used for exterior architectural features like walls, window frames and doors.
  • Urethanes – offers a very smooth finish and good exterior durability.

Types of products that Assemco powder coats

We have powder coated thousands of products and parts including:

  • Automotive parts like bodies and wheels
  • Home appliances
  • Doors
  • Door frames and windows frames
  • Furniture
  • Letterboxes
  • Fences and gates
  • Lamp posts
  • Garden features
  • Stillage
  • Storage containers
  • Shelving
  • Building facades
  • Lighting
  • Power tools

If you have been searching for powder coating in Melbourne or think that powder coating may be the solution for your product or component, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Assemco for a comprehensive powder coating quote.

CALL (03) 9761 4118.

Assemco powder coating Melbourne

Assemco specializes in cost effective powder coating Melbourne. We have been expert powder coating in Melbourne for over 25 years from our assembly plant located at 2 Merrindale Drive, Croydon South.

We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people that we can take in on the short notice.

Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with a business strategy and a project description that leaves no room for errors or mistakes.

"Assemco provides high quality and cost-efficient powder coating Melbourne."

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