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Elite business, performance, and success coaching!

If you have been searching for a high-quality business, performance, and success coaching services in Melbourne, Victoria, for your business, company, staff, CEO, or executive, then Success Mastery should be your first call!

Benefit from decades of experience and successful results

Danny Vorhauer, the Managing Director of Assemco, has decades of experience working with hundreds of companies and individuals throughout Melbourne, providing them with professional business and performance coaching services.

Reaching higher levels of success

Danny’s coaching has enabled his clients and his staff to achieve higher levels of success in their personal lives, business endeavors, and careers.
When it comes time to learn how to master the art of business, you need to deal with a professional. Someone that’s already demonstrated that their knowledge works through their own personal and professional success.

Danny Vorhauers’ Success Mastery is the recognised business, success, and performance coaching specialist in Melbourne!

There is always room for improvement in any person or company. Despite what we know, there is always an opportunity for both professional and personal growth and recognising that is the first step down the path towards success.

Recognising your own potential!

Success Mastery will assist you in recognising your potential and is the perfect way to help your executives, employees, CEOs, and other staff expands and grow their potential.

If your employees and staff are growing personally and professionally, then your company or business will reap the benefits. Your personal growth and development will greatly expand your results.

Success Mastery can help you discover the secrets to unlocking your potential!

During Success Mastery and business and performance coaching sessions, you’ll discover several different key elements to help you build a foundation for business and professional success.

Some of the key factors that the Success Mastery business and performance coaching services focus on include:

  • Goal Achievement Blueprint
  • Goal Accountability
  • Success Mindset Masterclass
  • Face Reading for Success
  • Understanding your personality to unlock your potential
  • Understanding your staff's personalities for development and growth and to help influence your hiring decisions

It often takes an outside perspective to unlock your full potential!

When it comes to unlocking your potential, it often takes an outside perspective to identify the critical factors that you’ve been missing. That’s where professional business and performance coaching services step in to help. Inside everyone is the potential to be successful.

Get the keys to unlock your success!

Imagine that success as being locked away inside you in small individual safes. The problem is that at the moment, you don’t have the keys to unlock that success. With professional business and performance coaching, you’ll be able to unlock your potential and start harnessing that power back into your business success.

If you have been struggling to focus or master your success, then perhaps it’s time that you got some professional business and performance coaching from success mastery – as many past clients have confirmed, it will be the best investment you ever make in yourself.

Contact Danny Vorhauer to unlock your career, business, and personal potential!

If you have been searching for high-quality, premium business and performance services in Melbourne, Victoria, or throughout Australia, or think that business and performance coaching services could be the solution for your business, company, or employees, then don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Danny Vorhauer: Telephone 0423459671



Success Mastery performance and business success coaching services in Melbourne, Australia testimonials!

Now I am basing my decisions on my own value system.

I definitely was not living passionately. I had ideas and ambition, but I struggled with self-doubt. Now that I am basing my decisions on my own value system, I have eradicated the feelings of guilt that have plagued me for so long.

- Linda Coleman.

Mr. Rock & Roll of business!

Danny Vorhauer is Mr. Rock & Roll of business. I loved every minute of our time spent together, so much wisdom and great advice, Thanks, Danny!

- Scott Caporale.

This program changed the way I approach situations!

I was having reasonable success in life but felt I was capable of more. I felt like I was getting in my own way when there was a chance of new opportunities in life. This program has changed the way I approach situations in life I used to avoid. As a result, I’m ‘winning’ at life like never before

- Julian Gaylor.

Highlighted some huge realisations!

The course highlighted some huge realisations about why I wasn’t having the success I wanted in many areas of my life. It made me aware of my personality traits and limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. The course gave me clarity, a clear vision, and the ability to push through the hurdles, break barriers and face fear.

- Nicole Bourke.

Really Positive Impact!

Doing this course has had a really positive impact on my family life at home and especially my marriage. Given that my husband has done the course as well, it’s just cemented both of our goals in life. Being aligned and thinking the same way has really helped us.

- Maria Bond.

I will never look at anyone the same!

Danny!! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you for inviting me along to this course. Thank you for giving us the knowledge and power to create what we want. I will never look at anyone the same (without trying to face read them first).

- Rose Quach.

The best way to spend ten weeks!

Danny showed me how to re-frame things in my life in order to accomplish things that I had been unsuccessful for years. The best way to spend ten weeks! I was sad it was over.

- Pete Coll.

Would do this course a million times over!

The best 10 weeks with an incredible mentor and inspiring group of people!! Thank you Danny & everyone involved! I would do this course a million times over!

- Nicole Bourke.

What a way to refocus!

Fantastic course. What a way to refocus, revive, and regenerate your family life, business life, and personal life. I would recommend it highly. Thanks, Danny!

- Simon Petersen.

Forever grateful!

Not only has the course provided me with tools to be successful, but it has also introduced me to positive, inspirational, and incredibly supportive people, including you, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

- Sarah Louise Pry.

I can’t thank you enough!

I can't thank you enough Danny!! You've taught me so much and have given me such high hopes for the future.

- Danielle Antonellos.

Thank you so much!

I just wanted to say hello & to let you know that lately, I have been thinking often about the coaching. I always take the coaching manual to all of my training sessions for my new job. I often hear your voice in my head & it has helped me out of a few awkward situations.

- Marlene. 

Such a big impact!

You’ve had such a big impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough for it!! It means the world.

- Alyssa Ford at Bliss Therapies.

Above & Beyond!

You have gone above and beyond anything, I thought possible. I think everyone that was here would agree that the principles we learned for our company culture are equally as vital to our own personal lives.

- Rachelle Tolman at Conscious Lifestyler.

Performance and success coaching in Melbourne

Assemco Managing Director Danny Vorhauer specialises in performance and success coaching in Melbourne, Victoria. He has helped hundreds of people to find greater success and mastery in their personal lives, careers and businesses.

Assemco's success is a byproduct of Danny Vorhauers' own personal mastery and success, developed over years of study, experience, attending courses all over the world, meeting with guru's and dedicated implementation.

Success is not an accident.


"Success is a mindset which triggers a transformation with exceptional results."
Danny Vorhauer, Assemco Managing Director.

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