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Assemco partners - supported by diverse manufacturing capabilities, Assemco PTY LTD was established by 3 leading manufacturing businesses; Bolwell Corporation, Elsum Engineering and Rae-Line.


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Our Partner Network

Assemco Partners - Supported by diverse manufacturing capabilities

Assemco Partners - Supported by diverse manufacturing capabilities Assemco Pty Ltd was established by 3 leading manufacturing businesses - Bolwell Corporation Pty Ltd, Elsum Engineering Pty Ltd, and Rae-Line Pty Ltd.

We have partnered with:

Redroo Shocks, Kenworth, Pakco, connectBIG, ArmourCo, AssasCo, Monkey Wrench Studios, Exel Composites, Optimum Coating Solutions, Spartans Gym, Sortimo Intelligent Mobility, Melbourne Security Screens and Doors, JD MacDonald, All Power, Rae-Line, Bolwell Corporation PTY LTD, Elsum Engineering and many more.

We have continued to maintain a close working relationship with each of our partner companies, which allows us to negotiate the best price in their specialised fields. The range of capability includes;

See the full list of our capabilities here. There is nothing we are not capable of doing.


Bolwell Corporation PTY LTD

Australia's leading designer and moulder of composite products. Widely recognized for its performance cars (built during the sixties and seventies), today it supplies several industry groups. Bolwell is a dynamic technology developer. The Melbourne facility principally manufactures components for the transport industry. Products include hoods, cabs, and aero-dynamic systems for trucks. The company also manufactures vacuum-formed plastic trims and covers.

Elsum Engineering (AUST) PTY LTD

Elsum has specialized in cutting, shaping, and welding metal products for over 30 years. The manufacturing facility utilizes a high tech, leading-edge equipment and includes state of the art CNC laser cutting, punching, forming, and robotic equipment. Mild and stainless steels right through to lightweight aluminum alloys are formed into a myriad of close tolerance products.

Rae-Line Seats

Rae-Line is a specialist in the intricate design and manufacture of soft trim, typically for interior components for OEM transport and marine industries. The staff at Rae-Line are experts in fabric, vinyl and leather cutting, sewing, and assembly. They routinely advise customers on the most economical, durable, and attractive trim combinations for new design projects. High quality and high volume output are facilitated by a computer-controlled plant.


Assemco Partners -If you/re spending too much time or money, you're not getting the job done efficiently, and efficiency maters.

Assemco prides itself on being able to complete difficult or time consuming tasks at a faster rate than anyone else. 

We will get the job done for you on time, at an affordable price, and with a higher level of quality than you're currently doing it. 

Call us on 9761 4118 today.

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