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Assemco's Outsourced Packaging Service in Melbourne – Pakco

Assemco’s packaging, filling, bottling, food manufacturing and package order distribution company is Pakco. Pakco works with supplies, small businesses and large businesses all over Australia, including companies in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and more.

Pakco, Assemco’s packaging division, provides one of the most flawless packaging experiences in Melbourne.

Our company specializes in the full process of manufacturing, packaging, organizing, and shipping your products off to suppliers. We take care of everything from start to finish, ensuring you never need multiple services to put out your products!

We cover all facets of contract packaging in Melbourne

Assemco’s packaging services are diverse, and we take care of the entire process for your business.

Part of that involves contract packaging. This includes the final steps of preparing your product for shipment.

However, we take that a step further. At Assemco, our service encompasses every step of manufacturing a package, starting with concepts, and ending with warehousing and distribution.

Also, our contract packaging service can manage a wide range of production volumes. We can handle anywhere from a few dozens to tens of thousands of units per contract!

Pick PakCo for expert assembly, packing, filling, labelling and packaging services

If you’ve been looking for an Australian company to outsource the packing, filling and packaging of your products, PakCo is your answer. PakCo is a Melbourne based outsource company specialising in fulfilment, assembly, packing, filling, labelling and packaging. We service clients in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Outsource packaging – the Melbourne wide experts in order fulfilment, assembly, product and parcel packaging, filling and labelling

Pakco Outsource Packaging is located in Croydon South, Victoria and provide contract packaging services for many diverse range of industries. Services including kitting, gift set assembly, filling, sealing, wrapping, bagging to labelling. Our services extend to liquid based filling such as essential oils to toners.

We offer clients a complete fulfilment service from assembly to storage of finished products and freight to a delivery point.

If you have a product that needs hand assembly, wrapping, contact filling, storage or 'Pick & Pack' service, then give us a call.

Fulfilment, Assembly, Packing, Filling, Labelling Services in Melbourne - Outsourced Packaging offers:

PakCo offers a range of filling, packing and packaging services including:

•          Sachet filling
•          Bottle filling and packaging
•          Weighing, picking, packing and filling
•          Case packing
•          Sealing
•          Wrapping
•          Cartoning
•          Bag packing
•          Tray packing
•          Sourcing raw materials
•          Mixing and blending products
•          Filling premade pouches
•          Kitting and gift set assembly
•          Packaging and point of sale design and production, and
•          Order fulfilment, warehousing and logistics
•          General assembly & packing
•          Volume contract filling - ideal for cosmetics, oils and powders in containers such as bottles, jars and tubs
•          Warehousing, pick & pack and distribution
•          Freight – we can ship direct to you or direct to your customers
•          Weather protected container load & unload
•          Contract Filling
•          Large workforce
•          Securely controlled warehouse
•          Cold storage
•          Competitive cost
•          Reliability
•          Quality assurance
•          Quick turn-around

Get in contact with our outsource packaging experts

If you have a product that needs hand assembly, wrapping, contact filling, storage or 'Pick & Pack' service, then you can get started by sending an email to info@assemco.biz.

Affordable, fast and efficient packaging

We provide affordable, fast and efficient services to businesses in food and beverages, healthcare and consumer goods like cosmetics, beauty and cleaning, and many more.

One of our specialties is end-to-end packing, filling and packaging. PakCo can source raw materials for you, design and produce packaging, be your order fulfilment partner, and also take care of warehousing and logistics.

We’ve even managed new product launches, producing marketing campaigns, point of sale and marketing materials, and organised launch events!

Automated sachet packing

PakCo has state of the art single-lane and multi-lane sachet machines and stick pack machines. These are ideal to weigh, form, fill and seal multiple sachets and stick packs quickly in continuous production. The machines are great for handling high outputs.

We can outsource pack a huge range of things including:

•          Powders of spices, matcha tea, instant food powders and shake formulas
•          Granules of sugar, salts, instant coffee, tea leaves, soaps
•          Gels, pastes and liquids for condiments like mayonnaise, sauces, health foods, and beauty creams and formulas

The processes and technology we use ensures reduced leakages and elimination of costly packaging film wastage.

Automated bottle filling and packaging

PakCo offers a bottle filling and capping service. We can fill bottles using weight, volume and gravity filling systems, and can dispense powders, liquids, gels, tablets, granules and other formulations.

We can outsource fill a wide variety of products including:

•          Powdered health supplements
•          Food liquids and sauces
•          Cosmetic creams and oils
•          Household cleaning powders and liquids

Our bottling machines can output thousands of bottles daily, ensuring fast turnaround of your order.

Bring your own bottles or have us supply them for you. We offer plastic and glass type bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we also offer both automated and manual capping. We can also create bottles and caps to your requirements, and if you’re not sure what you need, our designers can come up with solutions for you.

Meticulous outsourced packaging hygiene standards

PakCo follows meticulous standards of hygiene to ensure everything is ultra-clean and there is no cross contamination or pollution of your products. We use the best filling machines on the market and our machines which are thoroughly cleaned after every job. Our machines are regularly inspected and we keep them at high standards of operation to ensure to metallic residues ever touch your formulae.

We only use sterilized bottles and any bottles that have had air contamination are discarded.

Our work surface areas are also regularly cleaned and our staff working in fill areas follow strict personal dress, cleaning and handling procedures.

Semi-manual and manual filling and packing

PakCo also offers semi-manual and manual filling and packing services. We meticulously pick, weigh, count and pack ingredients, components and products. We can fill and pack into premade pouches, jars, tubs, bags, trays, boxes, cartons and cases. Then we expertly seal the containers to ensure that the contents are safe and well-preserved.

‘Pick and pack’, kitting and gift assembly

PakCo offers a fill and pack, kitting and hand assembly service. Our teams pick and pack parts for tool kits and packages for the automotive industry.

We also providing gift assembly services – hand picking, packing and assembling gifts into bags and boxes, putting tags, stickers and bows as needed!

Order fulfilment service

Combined with our warehousing and logistics services, we can offer our clients an order fulfilment service. This means you have more time to focus on sales and marketing, while we take care of storage, picking and packing your orders and delivering them for you.

Source, supply, mix and blend raw ingredients

As an established provider of packing and filling services, PakCo has a wide network of partners. You can supply your own ingredients and materials or have us take care of it for you. We can manage the sourcing and supply of high-quality raw ingredients and materials, saving you time and money.

Custom packaging design and production

PakCo has a team of expert packaging designers. We design, print and produce labels, and packaging for optimum shelf presence and market appeal.

Packaging is not just about making a product look good.

There are also important consumer information and labelling requirements related to contents, use and health, especially when it comes to food.  If you’re a start-up and new to packaging, this can be a confusing area to navigate.

But PakCo can guide you through the process to get your food nutritional information and other mandatory regulatory information requirements right.

Our clients often also ask us to help design and produce instruction information sheets, booklets and manuals that accompany their products.

Competitive, adaptable, fast and efficient filling and packing services

We value long-term partnerships at PakCo, and pride ourselves on providing a high quality service at a competitive price. We work with clients big and small.

Our range of filling, packing and packaging services can be tailored to your specific needs. If you’re starting out and not sure what you need, our team can provide advice and help you find the best solution. We offer a prototyping and testing service too.

Completion of the entire blending, filling, packing and packaging process in-house

Our ability to complete the entire filling, packing and packaging process in-house from sourcing raw materials through to storage, warehousing, and distribution, means we can save you valuable time and costs at each step of the process.

Melbourne’s leading filling, packing, and packaging outsource company

PakCo is one of Melbourne’s leading packing, filling and packaging outsource companies providing competitive, high quality, and efficient services. If you have a product that needs filling, wrapping, hand assembly or if you need an order fulfilment partner, get in touch with us today.

Email info@assemco.biz to find out more.

Outsource your packaging to Assemco

Assemco through it's outsource packaging arm Pakco, specializes in all types of packaging, package distribution, package distribution management, product packaging, filling, bottling, and more. We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people that we can take in on short notice.

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. So, before any project starts we do a very in-depth research of your company, product, services and of course, the competition. Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with a business strategy and that perfectly fits your needs.

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