Meet The 3 Australasian Packaging Companies Putting The Planet First

Packaging companies across Australia and New Zealand are striving for a more sustainable future with their range of eco-friendly alternatives. Whether compostable, recyclable, repurposed or biodegradable, adopting sustainable packaging options significantly reduces the impact on landfills and the use of fossil fuels.

Let us introduce you to some of the most innovative packaging companies in Australasia. Passionate about protecting our planet, these companies set a new packaging standard for the food, beverage, and fresh produce industry.

(1) BioPak.

BioPak is a widely recognised supplier of sustainable packaging. With a passion for the environment, BioPak reduces the need for tree sourced paper and fossil fuel plastics with innovative, biodegradable single-use disposables.

Environmentally conscious cafes, coffee roasters and caterers team up with BioPak to help phase out plastic takeaway solutions.

BioPak’s single-use packaging is 100% non-toxic and certified carbon neutral using rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced materials. All products are food-safe, compostable and come in a range of materials, including:


BioPak is committed to preserving our valuable rainforests and chooses suppliers based on proven sustainable practices. With so many paper-based packaging companies out there, BioPak carefully selects suppliers that don’t contribute to the irreparable rainforest damage.


Conventional plastic food service cups, plates and utensils are made from non-renewable fossil fuels, taking decades to break down in landfills. Bioplastic has all the aesthetic qualities of traditional plastic, but its carbon footprint is up to 75% smaller than PET. Bioplastic is fully compostable in a commercial setting.


Sugarcane pulp packaging is a durable alternative to polystyrene. This incredible packaging is heat-resistant, food-safe and has no harmful additives. Best of all, this innovation breaks down in compost in 30-90 days!


BioPac’s Biocutlery is made from certified birchwood. Partnering with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), BioPac ensures their Biocutlery is sourced from sustainable forests and managed wood supply.

(2) Pak 360.

Pak 360’s extensive product range covers everything from cornstarch straws to recycled paper produce punnets. Partnering with Australasian Bioplastics Association, Australian Organics Recycling Association and Australian Packaging Covenant Association, Pak 360 helps to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible.

With a mission to supply only compostable, renewable and tree-free packaging products, Pak 360 practices what they preach. Pak 360 provides collection bins for clients’ business premises Australia wide where customers can dispose of their used packaging. Collecting on an agreed schedule with each business, Pak 360 removes waste frequently, diverting organic matter from landfills.

Pak360 offers end-to-end service. From design to dispatch, Pak360’s products are customisable to meet your branding specifications.

(3) Jenkins Freshpac Systems.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems is a New Zealand owned company specialising in total packaging solutions. From packaging options to automated machinery, Jenkins covers all bases when it comes to packaging fresh produce.

Jenkins’ extensive range offers an eco-friendly alternative to every type of fresh produce packaging, making the transition to sustainable packaging easy and affordable. Understanding the pressing need to eliminate plastic waste, Jenkins is on a journey to develop an entirely eco-friendly packaging range.

The company is on their way to achieving its 100% sustainable packaging goal with innovative solutions, such as:


Jenkins balances freshness and sustainability in their compostable produce packaging range. As a proud stockist of EnviroPac compostable packaging and PakNatur plastic-free netting, Jenkins’ compostable solutions pave the way to a bright and sustainable future for the fresh produce industry.


Recyclable trays, punnets, clamshells and netting support the quality of fresh produce while reducing environmental impact. Each of Jenkins’ recyclable options can be repurposed through general recycling or soft plastics systems, diverting them from landfills.


Discovering new purposes for used plastic is an innovative way to deal with waste. Jenkins supplies recycled packaging solutions made from recovered end-of-life plastics, helping decrease greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels.

Paper and cardboard

Tried and true paper and cardboard is nothing new to the packaging industry. However, Jenkins ensures all paper and cardboard are 100% plastic-free, customisable and, of course, sustainable. With complete flexibility over branding and shape, paper and cardboard packaging is a popular solution for fresh produce growers.

Foodservice and fresh produce packaging is necessary for retaining product quality and locking in freshness. However, we now have access to a growing range of eco-friendly alternatives these days. If you’re thinking of going green, the transition to sustainable packaging is easier than you think.

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