May 2011: Increase in Production

Assemco has been gearing up over the past few weeks to ready ourselves for an increase in production. With our biggest customer’s build rate on the incline and some exciting new business prospects on the horizon, 2011 is shaping up to be a great year for Assemco.

We would like to welcome aboard 4 new Master Technicians – Kyle Mountjoy, Magdalena Konderla, Brad Lierse and Justin Peterson. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Andrew Murray who recently joined our receiving department. After a brief hiatus we are also happy to welcome back former Assemco employees Nathan Jetson & Silvan Spagnol to the Master Technician team.

All the best to the newbies! We wish you a long and successful career at Assemco. Assemco set to reach 50PPM in 2011 with the help of the supplier base. Assemco has been working extremely hard in recent years to achieve a 50PPM quality performance rating for our largest customer Kenworth Trucks. This year of course is no exception. Through a new initiative between Kenworth in 2011, Assemco and our 150+ supplier base will be working together closer than ever before.

The initiative has given our suppliers the opportunity to be recognised by Kenworth for supporting Assemco with a high quality product and timely delivery. Assemco purchase and deliver over 189,000 parts each month from suppliers’ to Kenworth and it is critical that every part is delivered on time and to correct specifications. We all know the importance of quality in strengthening a brand and when it comes to trucks there is no exception.

Kenworth’s own motto is Australian built, worlds best. We’d like to thank the supplier base for all their support both past and present and for the extra effort being asked of them this year. Working together we believe 2011 will be a great year for quality across the board.

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