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Assemco Manufacturing in Melbourne

Assemco Manufacturing in Melbourne

Assemco offers a multitude of manufacturing services that span multiple industries.

We offer our services at high standards. We work with accuracy and according to the framework you provide, ensuring that your products are developed as per your company’s description.

Our manufacturing services in Melbourne include:

(A) Product Development.

We provide engineers that are experienced with the world of concepts.

At Assemco, we’ll help you strike a balance between your idea for a product and a design that suits your market’s needs.

Speaking of the market, we can use our assembly experience to give key pointers at features suitable for a profitable design.

Additionally, we’ll help you assess development costs. We can give you excellent estimates on the financial feasibility of any concept you’d like to develop.

(B) Fabric, Vinyl & Leather Cutting.

Assemco provides the machinery and technicians necessary to cut vinyl and leather fabric and for a variety of industries, where we manufacture products with precision and longevity.

Our cutting services can operate at high loads too, especially with regards to industries that rely heavily on leather designs.

Industries that may benefit from our cutting technologies include automobile and furniture manufacturers.

(C) Security Screens and Doors.

Automobiles and furniture aren’t the only products we develop. We can also assist in the development of construction necessities.

Doors are included as part of that service. We can supply doors of varying dimensions and finishes.

We can also provide high tensile screens. Each screen is designed with security from weather and wear as priorities.

(D) Mud Flaps.

Assemco provides a multitude of parts for the automobile industry. And that includes the design of mud flaps for your automobiles.

We design mud flaps for both automobile manufacturers and repair shops.

We can design them with dimensions that match the automobiles you work on, the types of tires your shop services, and the weather conditions in your area.

(E) Shock Absorbers, Screws, Nuts.

We provide manufacturing for shock absorbers, screws, and nuts for both vehicles and motorcycles.

Additionally, we have the experience to design them for both commercial and private automobiles.

We supply them according to your specification – and each part can be designed to replace worn out portions of old vehicles.

(F) Fabricated Mouldings.

Assemco works with a variety of raw materials, where fabrics, metals, and plastics are part of our manufacturing.

As a result, we provide fabricated mouldings for both metal parts and plastic.

We can design a moulding that matches your part specifications while supplying mouldings in mass quantities and for all types of industries.

(G) Galvanised, Cage, Enclosed, and Car Trailers.

Since Assemco works with automobile parts and doors, we have decided to expand further into trailer parts.

We manufacture trailer parts to maximise the security of trailers, whether they be used for transport – or for residency.

We provide galvanised finishes to reduce corrosion while increasing the lifespan of trailer cars.

Also, we provide caging and enclosure for protection from the weather, while reducing damage from physical collisions.

(H) Vacuum Moulding – Thermoplastics.

We provide moulding for plastics into flat parts usable as protective surfaces.

We use vacuum moulding to accomplish that goal. And our final products can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor products.

Our thermoplastic moulding aims to provide protection against heat and cold, and to the levels specified by the customer.

(I) Open Mould and Infusion – Custom Moulding of Fibreglass Components.

Assemco moulds fiberglass components – either for use in building construction, or for use in automobiles.

We can mould fiberglass of a variety of strengths. Our fiberglass mouldings can effectively block out dust while providing excellent insulation for whatever product it contains.

Contact Assemco Manufacturing services in Melbourne

Assemco specialises in all types of manufacturing services in Melbourne at our manufacturing plant located at 2 Merrindale Drive Croydon South.

We take great pride in giving you the best manufacturing service possible, whilst providing low costs and on-time delivery dates. We can come up with a business strategy and a project description that leaves no room for errors or mistakes.

Contact us today on (03) 9761 4118.

Assemco's Melbourne based manufacturing services are second to none.

CALL (03) 9761 4118.

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