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Advanced Locker: Digital Advanced Lockers manufactured at Assemco in Melbourne Australia

Advanced Locker is an Australian owned company that specialises in providing storage lockers and terminals for amusement, leisure and recreation venues. Our cutting edge designs and software have been developed in Australia and manufactured in Australia.

Digital lockers for theme parks, water parks, entertainment venues, resorts and snow resorts

Advanced Locker build technologically advanced, highly secure locker systems, designed for theme parks, water parks, entertainment venues, resorts and snow resorts. Our lockers are digitised and require no integration on your part. We handle everything from start to finish on a revenue share model; meaning zero capital outlay is required from you.

Parcel lockers

We also manufacture automatic, highly secure and intelligent 24/7 parcel delivery locker systems, with personal alerts.  These lockers are designed and manufactured in Australia for postal services, couriers, apartment buildings and commercial businesses.

Staff lockers

Our user friendly, smart locker systems are designed for safe and secure workforce personal storage. Our staff lockers provide impressive seamless integration with existing security smart-card and corporate information systems.

No capital outlay required

We offer storage lockers to cater for all your needs and can customise your solution to enhance your branded image. Advanced Locker specialises in direct sales or a structured revenue share agreement for all venues at no capital outlay.

High-quality advanced lockers made in Australia

If you have been searching for high-quality advanced lockers services for your company, business, or organisation in Melbourne, Victoria, then Assemco and Advanced Lockers should be your first call!

Assemco, through Advanced Locker, has decades of experience working with hundreds of companies and individuals throughout Melbourne, providing them with professional, high-quality, and secure locker systems.

Secure, cost-efficient lockers digital lockers

When it comes to secure, cost-efficient lockers that employees, clients, and customers can rent out for short term rentals, the team at Assemco and Advanced Lockers are there to help you!

Assemco and Advanced Locker are the recognised advanced locker rental specialists in Melbourne!

When you have customers and clients that need to store their belongings securely, you, as a business, are required to supply them with secure and affordable locker rental solutions. You need to ensure that they have easy access to multiple storage and lockers, the lockers are easy to use, functional, and also secure. Assemco, through Advanced Locker, can come up with a variety of different locker and storage solutions for your company or business.

Some of the different industries which have benefited from the secure and affordable lockers that Advanced Locker provide include:

  • Amusement parks
  • Museums
  • Transportation services including trams, trains, and buses
  • Schools and universities & much more!
  • Swimming pools
  • Trampoline centres
  • Universities

Assemco is here to help with your businesses and company with advanced locker and storage solutions and services!

Maintaining advanced lockers and storage solutions can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process. The last thing that any company wants to be dealing with is maintenance and repairs on lockers, upgrading lockers, and installation of new lockers or removal of old lockers.

The good news is that the team at Assemco and Advanced Locker can take care of all that for you leaving you free to focus on growing and running your business.

If you need any locker or storage services in Melbourne or throughout Australia, then Assemco and Success Mastery should be your first call!

When it comes to advanced locker solutions, Advanced Locker and Assemco are ready to help your business! They can take care of the maintenance of installed lockers, as well as transporting and installation of lockers at your business or multiple locations. Assemco has an extensive transportation and delivery network.

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Digital Advanced Lockers Melbourne

Contact Assemco and Advanced Locker for all of your business and company locker and storage services in Melbourne or throughout Australia!

If you have been searching high-quality, premium business locker and storage services in Melbourne, Victoria, or throughout Australia, or think that secure and advanced locker services could be the solution for your business, company, or employees, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Assemco and Advanced Locker.

We’ll be able to offer you a comprehensive and competitive quote on any locker or storage services that your company needs.

"I love the convenience and peace of mind of Assemco lockers! No more worrying about someone stealing packages or having items delivered to my apartment leasing and I can't get there before they close."

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