January 2011: 2011 for Assemco

2011 is set to be a big year for Assemco, with our core focuses being on quality, streamlining our management and company growth.

Whilst we saw great improvement in our quality results in 2010, we still have further improvements to make in this area and will continue to arnold leg workout devote time and resources to achieve our benchmark quality rating of 50ppm.

Along with some new assembly projects currently in the pipeline, we are also looking at diversification through potential moves into new markets. Given the success of our internally developed software and systems, we are currently developing a plan to take them to the marketplace, which would allow us to share the knowledge and wisdom that has made Assemco the efficient and performance cultured company it is today.

We are also in the research stages of a potential move into renewable energy, having recently identified an opportunity in the commercial solar market.

Although we believe Assemco is already a great company and will continue to maintain the same company culture and provide a high level of service to our customers, we also understand the need to look for opportunities for growth and development to remain profitable in what is a highly competitive and volatile marketplace.

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