Is your management style the right fit?

Around the world there are many different management styles used to run organisations.

Broadly speaking, there are generally two sharply contrasting management styles:

  • Autocratic
    One or a few leaders make all decisions. Employees work purely under instruction.
  • Permissive
    Leader permits employees to take part in decision making process, and also gives them a considerable degree of autonomy in completing work activities.

Both can work and result in profitability for your organisation; however staff generally receives more from a personal perspective out of the latter.

Assemco’s management style is very much permissive. Rather than the traditional organisational chart that most people have become accustom to over the years, we believe in a flat line corporate structure, with the centre of our organisational chart being our Master Technician (production employee). All other Assemco staff members including management are here to support and develop the Master Technician. We give our Master Technicians’ full responsibility and accountability for the work they produce, which we believe empowers them to achieve the best result for Assemco, and more importantly our customers.

To explain it simply, think of each of our Master Technicians’ as running their own business. They are given a weekly schedule containing the minimum amount of work they are required to complete, and have the responsibility of ensuring the work is completed on time, and to our customers’ quality standards. Should they be able to complete their work before the end of the week, they have the option of time off, or should they choose to complete extra work above their minimum requirement, they are prevalent to a monthly bonus.

Measuring a staff member with an emphasis on results rather than time eliminates the possibility of a staff member having a “lazy day”, which can sometimes occur if an employee is simply required to clock on and clock off.

The key to the success of this system is the hiring process. Rather than asking an employee “tell me about a time you did this?” or “what do you do if this happens?” we direct our questions more in line to understand a candidate’s personality, looking for traits such as leadership, responsibility and motivation.

We understand this style may not work for every manufacturing organisation; however it has proven to be extremely effective at Assemco.

Managers deal with their employees in different ways. Some are strict with their staff and like to be in complete control, whilst others are more relaxed and allow workers the freedom to run their own working lives. Whatever approach is predominately used it is vital to the success of a business.

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