hydrographic film Australia

hydrographic film Australia

Hydrographic Film Australia!

Hydro dipping is undeniably one of the best ways to customize almost anything you want. In the multi-step process of hydro dipping, the hydrographic film is used.

What is Hydrographic Film?

A hydrographic film is a thin water-soluble material made from Polyvinyl Alcohol. It is used exclusively for hydro dipping projects. To print your choice of graphics on anything out there, use an ink-jet printer to first print on the film.

How to Prep your Hydrographic Film

Everyone wants to have a perfect design when customizing their favorite objects.

To get the best hydro dipping results using the film, you should follow the following 4 steps:

  1. Fill a large tank with water: Your best shot at getting good designs is by investing in a large water tank or dipping tank. Your hydrographic film should have ample space to expand in the water, so it can hydrate thoroughly.
  2. Hydrate the film: To get the best hydro dipping results, hydrate the film for 60 seconds and lay it facing down on the water surface. The film will absorb the moisture, which will make it softer and easier for the ink to coat on your object.
  3. Burst all the air bubbles: It is normal for air bubbles to get trapped between the layers when you lay the film evenly on the water top. You should be ready to blow on or poke the bubbles to even out the film, otherwise your object will have spots of base coat and no design after hydro dipping.
  4. Good quality activator: A chemical called the activator is used to complete the process. After your film has absorbed all the moisture and is fully hydrated, you need to apply the activator to the film. This enables the film to liquefy the link. You can do this step after getting rid of all the air bubbles to make sure your film is ready to be coated evenly.

After you have taken good care of assembling and upkeeping your hydrographic film, you can continue your hydro dipping project.

Team up with Assemco

At Assemco – the leading outsourcing solution in Australia – we provide the best printing and finishing services, including hydro dipping. Right from using state of the art technologies and equipment to premium quality raw material and hydrographic films, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that we bring your vision to life.

We provide you the option of using a ready-made graphic or pattern from our extensive library or collaborate with our pro designers to create your own custom design. How great is that?

Get in touch with us today for outsourcingtruck assemblyheavy vehicle assemblyengineeringproduct assemblysteel fabrication, and let’s begin working on your hydro dipping project.

ASSEMCO hydrographic film Australia

Assemco specializes in all types of hydrographic film. We have been expert hydrographic film in Australia for over 25 years.

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. So, before any project starts we do a very in-depth research of your company, product, services and of course, the competition. Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with a business strategy and a project description that leaves no room for errors or mistakes.

When your project is done, you know exactly what to expect and how to compete online.

"During the entire project, Assemco was there to hold our hands. We ended up with an amazing solution that our customers and ourselves value high"

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