Hydro Wrap

Hydro Wrap is known by many names such as hydro dipping, water painting, hydrographic, immersion painting, and water transfer printing, among others.

What is Hydro Wrap?

It is a process in which you can coat any three-dimensional object with your favorite design and color. Whatever special pattern you want, be it camouflage or skulls, they can be printed onto the object of your choice.

Hydro wrap has taken the markets worldwide by storm. Such is its popularity and demand that it is quickly becoming the foremost choice of people looking to personalize their objects as well as products and breathe new life into them.

Advantages of Hydro Wrap

It is an economical and convenient form of special painting that decorates your object and helps you customize it according to your liking. That’s not all. It can also protect your object from rust and corrosion. An edge that it has over normal painting is that it is weatherproof and does not have any cutting edges. The film does not shrink and stays longer than paint. Moreover, the finish is such that you’d never want to let go off your favorite object.

How to Use Hydro Wrap?

It is a very simple process. All you need to do is follow these 9 steps:

1. Cleaning

Always clean the object that you want to hydro wrap before beginning the actual process. 91% isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean the surface of the object.

2. Prime

Make use of the correct primer to make the adhesion process of painting easy.

3. Base Coat

Apply a base color to your object. The base coat brings out the real beauty of your object, so choose it wisely.

4. Film Placement 

Choose your favorite design film and place it in the water at a temperature of 85-90 degrees.

5. Film Hydration

Hydrate for 50-80 seconds to ensure that the film starts hydrating and dissolving in water.

6. Activator

Apply a thin layer of activator through a spray.

7. Dip

Dip your object in the film at an angle of 45 degrees.

8. Dry

Let your object rest and dry nicely. Conventional heating methods can be used for drying the object such as air drying etc.

9. Clear Coat

Apply your clear coat on the object so that it has a clear finish.

Take Note

Following are some things you need to be careful about: 

  • After cleaning, keep wearing your gloves so that your object is not contaminated again.
  • Plastics, metals, and ceramics are sensitive to use, so they have a unique primer.
  • Choose the base color critically as it is a very crucial step in the overall look.
  • Make sure there is no air trapped between the water and the film.
  • The temperature of water effects the time of hydrating, so be particular about it.
  • Hold the activator spray from about 12-18 inch distance.
  • After dipping, remove any residual film from the object.
  • At the end store the rest of the film in a place with less humidity.

Is hydro wrap permanent?

Not at all. This doesn’t mean that the printing is not durable or that hydro wrap is not effective. It just means that the process is reversible and you are free to give your object any design you want, anytime.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let your imagination run wild by hydro wrapping your favorite objects and products.

Professional Hydro Wrap Services Australia 

Assemco, the ultimate outsourcing solution to all your business needs, provides premium hydro wrap services. Our experienced professionals, state of the art technology, use of the best quality materials, and efficient techniques allow us to perfectly hydro wrap objects. Plus, we provide bespoke hydro wrap services tailored to your product and market.

Contact us today to discuss with our hydro wrap experts how this unique process can give your product the design you want and the visual finish that will significantly boost its sales.


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