After a day of exhaustion, as one enters home – a kettle of hot tea is just what is needed to unwind.

If your business is one that assists in the provision of tea, you certainly know the importance of this refreshing beverage.

A drink of equal importance to the mighty Coffee, tea is drunk and liked by many. Yet, this also makes it a product with a competitive market.

If you want your tea brand to be noticed and purchased in the wide variety of teas available, focus on its unique selling point: the packaging!


Tea packaging is a vast market that offers a lot of exploration, but only if sound packaging strategies are applied. The right packaging enables the manufacturer to reach out to its customers and maintain a good first impression.

When it comes to the packaging of tea, one thing that should be kept in consideration is the use of such packaging supplies which will help to retain the freshness and aroma of tea until it reaches the customers.

Another important factor is the design of packaging boxes because it is the first thing that catches the eyes of people. It should be designed in such a way that it invites attention.

The following packaging styles can be used for tea:

  • Barrier bags

Barrier bags are considered as best bags for tea packaging. These are strong, multilayered bags that protect the tea from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These rays can damage the tea that’s why strong bags are needed. Barrier bags also ensures the protection of tea from other harmful environmental factors.

  • Foil pouches

Foil pouches are useful for the packaging of small quantities of tea. These are mostly used in hotels, offices, homes, etc. They can also be used for promotional marketing samples and can be easily carried in wallets and handbags. Foil pouches are better than dip bags, quality-wise because a good quality foil can inhibit a number of foreign particles.


Made to provide you perfect packaging solutions for your products, Assemco is the ultimate destination to help you get the customized packaging supplies for your tea as per your demands. We have a huge collection of packaging solutions from which you can easily find what you are looking for!

Since a tea package is something that is used regularly, it should be highly durable and functional. The structure and design of packaging boxes should be made for easy storage and with the ability to withstand tear and damage from constant moving and opening.

Here at Assemco, we manufacture damage-resistant packages and provide you customizable opportunities for your tea to give you a sustainable and reliable packaging solution.


Assemco is the leading packaging supplier in Melbourne with thousands of trusted brands and companies worldwide. We provide value to our customers and can deliver top-notch packaging solutions for your tea.

You can get the following aspects in our tea packaging solutions:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

Providing sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is our priority which has the least environmental impact and does not cause pollution or damage to the environment.

  • Variety of packaging designs

If you are looking for various packaging designs for your tea, you are in the right place. We offer customized packaging boxes of different styles and materials.

  • Storage-friendly packaging boxes

Our packaging supplies are designed for the comfort of customers. We can provide the supplies which can be easily stored for long periods without your tea getting old or tasteless over time.

  • Best quality assurance

Assemco never compromises on the quality of products. You can get some best quality, classic, and foolproof packaging solutions for your tea at Assemco, without the fear of getting the package boxes torn or damaged.

  • Customized tea tags

We can also manufacture customized tea tags for your tea which seem appealing and attractive to the customers. You can choose different colors and sizes to increase your brand’s personality.


Offering assistance to your tea packaging needs, we at Assemco have an experienced team ready to display its expertise and create bespoke tea packaging for your product.

To find out more; email the team at Assemco at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9761 4118.

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"Assemco provides high quality and cost-efficient food packaging services Melbourne."

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