Coffee is believed to be more than just a drink: it's a culture, an economy, a science - and a passion. We cannot seem to start our day without a caffeine hit each morning. But have we ever paid attention to its packaging?

Packaging boxes play a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficient usage of our products and so do Packaging suppliers.


A great Package supply chain brings predictable, on-time performance with the lowest cost.

We at Assemco know just how to do that.

As the packaging division of the esteemed PakCo, we are one of the premium packaging suppliers operating in Australia.


As the Australian packaging industry continues to gain momentum, numerous companies have sprung up to provide quality packaging. Let’s explore a few of them:

  • OumaPack

This packaging company makes Kraft paper coffee bags with multiple designs and purposes e.g. valves, side gussets making them more accessible for customer use.

Whereas, here at Assemco, we also consider the protection of the packaging food by proper lamination - making it resistant to impurities in the environment.

  • The Pouch Shop

This company makes standard pouches for coffee package supply.  It can be approached from small to medium businesses for packaging in Australia. Their packaging is suitable for cereals and grains, tea and coffee, and pet food, etc. While Assemco has a much wider range of packaging food.

  • FinePack 

Fine pack supplies a range of stand-up pouches, box bottom pouches, and side gusset pouches for storing your coffee. It also provides printing techniques, increasing the appeal of the product.

However, Assemco provides a bigger range of Customized Packaging as per each client's requirement with highly affordable rates.

  • Pouch Direct 

This is an agency that manufactures different types of pouches for dry and grainy foods. They make stand-up pouches made of either paper or plastic as per customers’ requirements.

Conversely, Assemco offers a range of packaging services ranging for products ranging from food, gel, liquid, to protein powders, and more!

  • Coffee Bags Direct

This packaging firm in Australia does exactly as the name entails; it creates coffee packaging bags for your products. These include general pouches, zip-lock bags, and eco-friendly bags.

Also upholding customization, the bags can be defined with bespoke digital print and custom bag design.

  • The Bag Broker Australia

Founded in 2004, this packaging agency also has an aim to continue embracing and developing the changes in the Australian packaging industry.

Offering a variety of options, the packaging types include stock bags, custom bags, film rolls, and more.

Also keeping sustainability as their goal – biodegradable and recyclable packaging options is also provided.


In an industry filled with packaging suppliers, you must be wondering; why opt for Assemco?

What sets us unique from all?

Assemco, is known for its phenomenal services for providing solutions for food manufacturing and packaging requirements to help your business flourish.

The Companies mentioned above are good too but Assemco’s objectives and services certainly outshine these companies in the Market.

  • One-Stop-Shop for our Clients

This means that we try to facilitate our clients to the fullest with our 3PL solutions. Although it is always up to our clients for how much and how little they want our assistance in their business. 

  • Flexible MOQs

Assemco enables you to have smaller production runs, meaning, no more ordering large stalks of coffee bags. We will facilitate you with smaller orders as well. Which eventually leads to growing your business.

Our services are extremely affordable without having to compromise on quality. 

  • Drive and Support Corporate Strategy

Assemco, a high-performance supply chain, offers a vision of how they drive and support corporate strategy. We are known best for our on-time deliveries and damage-free Package boxes.


If you want your Coffee Bags Packaging to be a perfect combo of practicality and appeal. Assemco is undoubtedly your best choice.

Email the team at Assemco at Or speak to us by calling: (03) 9761 4118.

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"Assemco provides high quality and cost-efficient food packaging services Melbourne."

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