About Assemco

Three partner companies established Assemco in 1996. They found a need and filled it. A dynamic team was installed and culture/corporate performance criteria were "set in cement".

High Quality Standards

Assemco has a dedicated Quality Assurance Team who are committed to establishing the most cost efficient methods whilst supporting our customers' high quality requirements.

The Assemco team is committed to delivering your product on-time and to your quality standard. Assemco is accredited with ISO 9001.

Assemco has a broad spectrum of customers over various industries. We are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of any customer.

Our Unique Internal Management System

One of the key reasons that we are extremely efficient in all that we do, is our unique management system.

Assemco has a flat line corporate structure. Our Master Technicians (production staff), are encouraged to manage and maintain their own workload, which empowers them to achieve the best result for our customer. This creates individual accountability within our organisation.

Our management team supports, develops and enhances our Master Technicians, ensuring customers receive the highest quality and the most efficient production, supply and logistics services.

A History of Satisfied Partners

Established in 1996, our success has been based on our ability to deliver component assembly and supply services at a cost and quality standard more attractive than may be achieved by a customer's internal manufacture. Our highly skilled and flexible workforce allows for virtually any type of assembly to be undertaken.

We have a proven ability to exceed our customers' expectations and credit this to our success-driven company culture. This has continually motivated our employees to strive for excellence in the work place to achieve the best possible result for our customers'.