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The Assemco story

Assemco began in 1996

Assemco was first established in 1996 to meet the needs of some of Melbourne's most important local manufacturing businesses. Since then we have evolved to provide a wider range of services to numerous different businesses, companies and entrepreneurs. 

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The assemco story

Three partner companies established Assemco in 1996. They found a need and filled it. A dynamic team was installed and culture/corporate performance criteria were "set in cement".

Our History

Founded by three leading Victorian manufacturers, Bowell Corporation, Elsum Engineering, and Rae-Line Pty Ltd, Assemco started as a small assembly company in borrowed factory space, putting together Kenworth truck air conditioning units.

From humble beginnings in 1996, Assemco has grown into one of Australian’s most efficient manufacturing companies with a reputation for:

  • Dedication
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Quality


We have grown into a hub of hundreds of local and off-shore suppliers who entrust us with their products to deliver superior quality while benefiting from our exceptional customer service. We operate from a 150,000 square feet factory where we assemble more than 1,000 products for a diverse range of clients. We also have ISO 9001 accreditation.


We are proudly Australian owned and operated with the vision to grow our business for the success of our customers and staff. Moreover, we are passionate about keeping manufacturing on Australian soil to serve our varied client base and provide jobs for everyday Australians.

Our People

Assemco wouldn’t be the successful business it is today without our dedicated staff. Our unique flat-line management structure is the key to our rapid growth and strong reputation.

Master Technicians

We believe in empowering our people by giving them full responsibility for managing their workload by introducing the concept of Master Technician for our production staff. Every Master Technician is assisted by the Assemco Support Team providing everything that is essential for delivering superior quality with the utmost efficiency.

Quality Assurance Team

We established a Quality Assurance Team to ensure the implementation of the most cost-effective methods while guaranteeing first-rate customer service and a high level of quality.

Management Team

Our down-to-earth Management Team is focused on the success of our people through developing and growing them, resulting in a team of workers who are dedicated to our vision of delivering top-quality products at a competitive price and who are invested in our business as if it were their own.

Remarkable Results

The Master Technician system empowers our production staff to achieve exceptional productivity. This extraordinary result is accomplished through passionate engagement and a genuine focus on client satisfaction, giving our customers a sense of security.

“It’s our people who make us great.”

Danny Vorhauer, CEO Assemco

Our Difference

We operate Assemco based on five key principles:

  1. Inclusive = everyone’s treated equally
  2. Respectful = we treat each other with dignity
  3. Pragmatic = we do what works
  4. Innovative = we’re always improving
  5. Solution-focused = we look for the best outcome for all

Unmatched Loyalty

As a result, we run a dynamic company with a flexible team of people who love coming to work and express a loyalty unmatched in the industry. We continually strive to build on our culture where every person feels a part of the Assemco family, and everyone is valued for what they bring to the business.

It’s teamwork, from start to finish, which benefits our clients, business, and staff.

We are Assemco.

High-Quality Standards

Assemco has a dedicated Quality Assurance Team that is committed to establishing the most cost-efficient methods whilst supporting our customers' high-quality requirements.

The Assemco team is committed to delivering your product on-time and to your quality standard. Assemco is accredited with ISO 9001.

Assemco has a broad spectrum of customers over various industries. We are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of any customer.



Our Unique Internal Management System

One of the key reasons that we are extremely efficient in all that we do, is our unique management system.

Assemco has a flat line corporate structure. Our Master Technicians (production staff), are encouraged to manage and maintain their own workload, which empowers them to achieve the best result for our customers. This creates individual accountability within our organisation.

Our management team supports, develops, and enhances our Master Technicians, ensuring customers receive the highest quality and the most efficient production, supply, and logistics services.

A History of Satisfied Partners

Established in 1996, our success has been based on our ability to deliver component assembly and supply services at a cost and quality standard more attractive than may be achieved by a customer's internal manufacture. Our highly skilled and flexible workforce allows for virtually any type of assembly to be undertaken.

We have a proven ability to exceed our customers' expectations and credit this to our success-driven company culture. This has continually motivated our employees to strive for excellence in the workplace to achieve the best possible result for our customers'.

Services and solutions we can provide for your business

o          Open mould and infusion custom moulding of fiberglass components

o          Vacuum moulding - thermoplastics

o          Sheet metal engineering

o          Powder coating

o          Soft-trim (Transport Industry)

o          Seats - including marine

o          Contract high volume fabric, vinyl & leather cutting

o          Commercial printing

o          Screen printing

o          Hydro dipping (below are services for hydro dipping)

o          Hydrographic film

o          Hydro wrapping

o          Quality packaging services

o          Contract liquid filling

o          Food packaging

o          Mix and blend to your formulation

o          Cool room

o          Powders and supplements

o          Liquids and gels

o          Sachet filling and packing

o          Bottle filling and packing

o          Food packaging; food packaging design, printing, and manufacture

o          Food labelling

o          Health supplements

o          Tea contract packaging

o          Manufacturing, transport, logistics, and purchasing

o          Cost-Effective Purchasing Solutions

o          Manufacture of Security screens and doors

o          Mud Flaps

o          Shock absorbers, screws, and nuts

o          Fabricated mouldings

o          Galvanised, cage, enclosed and car trailers (child)

o          Assembly

o          Assembly manufacture

o          Automotive assembly

o          Train and heavy vehicle assembly

o          Weld & spot weld assembly

o          Brazing and soldering assembly

o          Stapling assembly

o          Adhesive bonding assembly

o          Fibreglass assembly

o          Insulation foam assembly

o          Upholstery assembly

o          Fastening and mechanical assembly with threaded fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts).

o          Assembly With integral fasteners (embossed protusions, edge seams, hemming)

o          Assembly with non-threaded fasteners (rivets, pins, washers)

o          Welding, engineering, and fabrication

o          Soft trim for transport and boating

o          Contract high volume fabric, vinyl & leather cutting

o          Seats - including marine

o          Powder coating

o          Sheet metal engineering

o          Stainless sheet metal fabrication

o          Sheet metal fabrication

o          Structural steel fabrication

o          Aluminium fabrication

o          Steel fabrication

o          Steel engineering

o          Custom metal fabrication

o          Metal stamping

o          Professional services

o          Business Web

o          Production & Assembly

o          Marketing services

o          Business Hosting services

o          Website services

o          Business development assistance

o          Assemco business hub

Efficiency, solutions, results

We're a company that believes in the power of empowering people


Assemco are Australia's largest outsourced assembly company. We can assemble anything from trucks to trailers to trains, and we can do it fast with perfect attention to detail.


Product development is our forte. At our assembly and manufacturing plant in Croydon South, Victoria, we design and manufacture hundreds of products.


Designing the perfect product is useless if you can't produce it a price that makes it cost competitive. Our manufacturing plant can produce your high quality product at the right price. 

We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased efficiency, enhanced brand loyalty, lower costs, higher quality and new leads thanks to our work.

- Dan Vorhauer. CEO, Assemco PTY LTD

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