Assemco - The outsource solution for your company

Assemco is the outsource solution for your company's assembly, production, purchasing and logistics.

Assemco Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. We partner with organisations that can see the ongoing benefits of outsourcing their product assembly, production, purchasing and logistics.

Why outsource to Assemco?

Would you like to spend more time focusing resources on core areas of your organisation such as development and sales? By outsourcing to Assemco you can assure quality and efficiency and reduce your overall costs.

Increase Profitability

A strategic alliance with Assemco gives you the ability to forecast and plan ahead based on predictable costs. You can effectively reduce costs in labour, the management to control your labour and also see a reduction in the amount of factory space required to run your production. The variable costs of managing your production line are now out of your cost equation. The result is lower production costs, with additional savings realised throughout your organisation.

Acquire a Diverse Range of Skills and Capabilities

By partnering with Assemco your company will gain access to a wealth of skill, knowledge and experience that will guide you and your product through new and exciting opportunities of growth and development. Your organisation will be supported by a highly diverse workforce including engineers, boiler makers, fitter and turners, mechanics, technicians and an experienced management team.